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Are you an organisation, or group with a project or programme that introduces, develops, and enhances the core skills needed by participants in the film industry in New Zealand? If you have an effective program that can demonstrate that it can accelerate the learning of participants and help create and support a viable and sustainable film industry in New Zealand, then the Vista Foundation may be able to support you.

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Submission Process

  • Details about the organisation, group, or individual seeking funding
    - Entity name, address, contacts details etc
    - Establishment date
  • Background to the organisation, group or individual and their role in running programs and activities
    - History of activities previously undertaken
    - The people behind, and involved in, the organisation/group
    - Any references from participants or bodies previously involved in the projects/programs
  • Specifics about the project program that you are wanting to receive funding for
    - Explanation of the exact nature of the project/program
    - Who are the participants you are targeting?
    - What are the outcomes you are looking to achieve for the participants and, through their learning, the film industry as a whole?
  • An explanation of how you see your project/program meets the goals/objectives of the Vista Foundation
    - In looking at the key goals of the Vista Foundation (education, promotion, and a better understanding of film as a business, to help build a viable and sustainable NZ film industry) how will your project/program address and/or achieve this.
  • Clarify the funding request and the overall funding status of your project/program
    - Specify the amount of funding you are asking for and any period of commitment that you would like
    - Explain the total funding needs of your project/program, where this funding is currently coming from and the committed funding sources that you already have
    - What exactly will the funding requested from the Vista Foundation be used for
    - General provision of the project/program
    - A specific element or new feature of an existing project/program
  • Any other information or material that you think would be helpful in supporting your application to assist us in understanding it

Application Review

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