What we fund

The Vista Foundation supports selected events, education, and training courses which introduce and develop market understanding and the core skills  needed for a successful film industry. By fostering and funding effective programs, we accelerate learning, and help create and support a viable and  sustainable film industry in New Zealand.

The Vista Foundation is a ‘broad spectrum’ supporter of the NZ film industry. It currently supports a range of programmes - in partnership with both private and government funded film organisations. From first steps in film-making, through to mentorship in marketing and distribution for feature-length film makers. The Vista Foundation endeavours to create and encourage sustainability in the film industry as a viable career path, as well as community participation for the love of film.

To raise awareness and foster passion for New Zealand film by supporting programmes which influence, entertain, expose and educate larger groups of people  to film and enable them to become interested in the vocations that create content for the screen industry.

Provide opportunities for people who show interest to further their education in film-making. The Vista Foundation supports and partners with national and local events, festivals and training initiatives.

These initiatives provide support and mentorship for people (individuals or groups) involved in the process of film-making, providing skills and knowledge to enable new projects to fulfil their commercial potential and to reach wider audiences.