How to support the
Vista Foundation

We nurture the continued growth and success of all things film in New Zealand. But we need your help to do it. These are the main ways you can support the Vista Foundation.

Our goal is to build our financial base so we can provide assistance to more initiatives that match our purpose. Up to this point, funding for the Vista Foundation has largely come from the original founders of Vista Group. Now, we are seeking to expand our funding sources to include organisations and individuals who see the advantages of a strong and viable NZ film industry, the benefit of a charity dedicated to that goal, and who recognise the experience of the Vista Foundation Board and its patrons. If we all work together, we can harness the power of collaborative expertise to fulfil the aims of the Vista Foundation on a greater scale.

The Vista Foundation has big dreams to help NZ film thrive and prosper. As a small nation, New Zealanders have unrivalled talent and vision when it comes to filmmaking. We need your help to foster local talent in all aspects of the film industry, and bring more creative dreams to life on the big screen. By generously providing funding to the Vista Foundation, you can make a meaningful impact on the NZ Film scene. 

If you wish to learn more about the Vista Foundation, or discover how you can donate so that together we can continue to fuel the imagination and skills of the participants within the NZ film industry and preserve the cultural narratives of Aotearoa, please contact us using the details on our Contact Us page.

By partnering with our charity, you can become a valuable part of a community dedicated to nurturing creativity and fostering local talent across a range of NZ film projects. Collaborate with the Vista Foundation through corporate sponsorship, partnering on specific initiatives or providing targeted funding and showcase your commitment to cinema. Together, we can help drive outcomes that will bring more NZ film to local and global audiences.